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EDM Academy offers businesses a glimpse of the future

EDM Academy EDM Academy organizes masterclasses and certified training courses to help professionals and businesses to perform better. Their trainers and consultants are experts in their own field and provide insights and solutions to problems professionals and businesses run into on a daily basis. Growth and personal development are at the heart of every masterclass or training.

Management of EDM Academy approached me for advice on their positioning, copy for their website as well as an appealing theme for a masterclass for businesses focused on new digital technologies and the necessary step towards a digital transition.

The commercial idea for the masterclass was to offer participants 'a glimpse of the future'. This resulted in the following creative theme: Unlocking 2030. The tagline says: A masterclass about the workspace of the future.

The promotional copy can be found on the website of EDM Academy. The masterclass sold out very quickly but has been postponed several times due to coronavirus. It is now scheduled to take place in the spring of 2021.

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