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Heddes wins tender West Beat Amsterdam

Bijgewerkt op: 15 jan. 2019

Heddes, a well-known building contractor located in Hoorn, asked Adri van Geldere (account), Leon Baaren (freelance art director) and me to come up with an idea to win the tender issued by the city of Amsterdam for the construction of West Beat.

The city of Amsterdam had invited many experienced contractors to present their point of view on this 30 million euro turnover project, but eventually, Heddes won the tender. Thanks to our concept and execution, Heddes will be working side by side with the design team of Lingotto.

West Beat aims to be a vibrant venue that combines business with pleasure, comfortable living (150 appartments) with contemporary services, all at the corner of Lelylaan and Delflandlaan. Construction has already started. It will be finished in 2020.

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