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A new campaign for Return to Sender

Bijgewerkt op: 3 mrt. 2020

Return to Sender (RtS), a charity organization founded by actress Katja Schuurman in 2006, needed a more appealing, ‘campaignable’ proposition and a new visual identity. RtS sells handcrafted products through their e-store, created by women in the poorest regions of the world in order to improve their lives.

Together with Coen Weesjes, I created an emotionally charged tagline that articulated the idea behind the brand: Something for you means everything to her.

Your purchase ultimately results in a job and living wages for the woman who has created it, enabling her to make a step towards a better life. This notion led to a campaignable idea: every product bought by you, equals a job for her. Besides the campaign, we also assembled a crew of stylists, art directors and photographers to take their image and product photography to the next level.

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