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Chocomel turns winter into a game

Dutch chocolate milk-brand Chocomel (part of Friesland Campina) asked digital agency A Friend Of Mine (part of DEPT) to come up with a new winter tradition. A follow-up of its successful ‘letter-campaign’.

I was approached to team up with Nina de Ridder (creative at A Friend Of Mine) to devise an engaging concept with the potential to grow into an annual tradition. We came up with the idea to introduce 'on-pack games'. Simple but fun games one could play with friends or family members while drinking Chocomel. Playing games is the favourite pastime of lots of people, especially in wintertime, and it seamlessly fitted in with Chocomel's brand strategy which is reflected in the tagline: 'Winter tastes better with Chocomel.'

It seemed a natural fit: Winter, Chocomel and Games. Brand manager Luuk Hossen saw the potential immediately. In the winter of 2018 the 'games-campaign' was launched nationwide.

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