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Huismerk raises the stakes with a disruptive B2B campaign

Huismerk had failed to present itself as a service provider with added-value products and services to strengthen the independent position of financial advisors. The brand was perceived as an expensive label that was likely to meddle with the day-to-day business of its members. And yet, the opposite is true. The beauty of Huismerk is the fact that it offers a scalable service: you only pay for the products and/or services you want to use. It's up to you.

The name Huismerk is associated with a private label offered by a supermarket. Private label products are mostly good-quality and moderately priced products that are accessible to anyone.

To convey the notion that Huismerk products and services are easily accessible, provide good quality and are moderately priced, the supermarket metaphor proved to be very memorable and compelling. Leon Baaren (art director) and I decided to depict each product or service as a ready-to-use product you can find on the shelve of Huismerk. The proposition 'Pak je voordeel' ('Take your pick') makes it clear that the target audience is in the driving seat.

The campaign represents a disruptive visual idiom in the financial industry and was welcomed with much enthusiasm by its target audience.

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