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Oilily has grown up

Bijgewerkt op: 18 jan. 2019

A turning point in the positioning of Oilily

Oilily had always been perceived as a children's wear brand. To change that perception, I came up with an idea to make Oilily’s women’s wear collection more important for the positioning of the brand: Little girls grow up.

The idea was to cast women who grew up with Oilily in the 80's and 90's, the heyday of the brand, to promote the new SS16 women's wear collection. We were looking for women with vivid childhood memories of the brand.

We had posted our call through different social media which caused thousands of women to respond within the hour. It wasn’t easy to make a selection, simply because lots of stories were worth telling. Finally, 10 girls - among which well-known actress Halina Reijn - were selected to star in our campaign to promote the SS16 women’s wear collection. Friends of the brand, we called them.

The ‘Little girls grow up’-campaign comprised a sales brochure, point-of-sale materials, an extensive online campaign and a mini-documentary featuring all friends of the brands that kicked off Oilily’s catwalk show at the 23rd edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. The mini-documentary was also part of an extensive online campaign.

The 'Little girls grow up'-campaign was an eye-opener to clients and retailers who had always thought Oilily was exclusively for children. And more importantly, it created a turning point in the positioning of the brand in Europe and paved the way for an increase in sales of women’s wear.

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